Batman: Arkham Knight Free Download (Incl. ALL DLC’s)

Batman: Arkham Knight Free Download (Incl. ALL DLC's)

Batman™: Arkham Knight Free Download (v1.98)

The award-winning Arkham series from Rocksteady Studios comes to an exciting end with BatmanTM: Arkham Knight. Batman: Arkham Knight features Rocksteady’s version of the Batmobile, which was made especially for New-Gen systems. When this famous vehicle is added to the game, along with the praised gameplay of the Arkham series, it gives players the ultimate and most complete Batman experience as they tear through the streets and fly over the entire city of Gotham City. In this explosive end, Scarecrow returns to bring together Gotham’s supervillains and kill Batman for good.


  • Be Batman: As the Dark Knight heads into the last part of Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy, you’ll get the full Batman experience.
  • The Best Detective Mode in The Dark Knight: With Batman’s improved Detective Vision, you can solve tricky Riddler tasks and find out what’s going on in Gotham City.
  • Epic FreeFlow Combat: Use Batman’s expanded weapons and encounters with the world to participate in brutal and bone-crunching FreeFlow Combat.
  • Gotham City Comes Alive: Explore the lively, highly detailed, open world of Gotham City, where crime and crooks run wild on the streets.

Main Feature

  • The Batmobile is one of the most important parts of Batman: Arkham Knight and it can be used for fighting and exploring. The Batmobile can be changed in many ways and carry many guns and tools.

Batman: Arkham Knight Free Download (Incl. ALL DLC's)


  • Story Mode is the main game mode, where players follow Batman’s story as he tries to stop the Arkham Knight and his army from taking over Gotham City.
  • Challenge Mode is a game mode where players can perform different tasks, like battle, predator, and race challenges.
  • New Game Plus is a mode where players can play through the game again, but this time, they can use all of the upgrades and unlocked things from their last playthrough.


  • Beautiful pictures
  • Immersive world at large
  • Interesting games
  • Great boss fights
  • A satisfying way to fight


  • Problems with how some PCs work
  • Some parts of the game keep happening.
  • It can be hard to do sometimes

Batman: Arkham Knight Free Download (Incl. ALL DLC's)

System Requirements:


  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 (64-bit required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB Memory Minimum) | AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB Memory Minimum)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 45 GB available space


  • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 (64-bit required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4 GHz | AMD FX-8350, 4.0 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 – 3 GB Memory Recommended | AMD Radeon HD 7950 – 3 GB Memory Recommended
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 55 GB available space

Batman: Arkham Knight Download And Install.

  • If you click the button below that says “Download,” you should be taken to UploadHaven.
  • Wait 5 seconds, then click the blue ‘download now’ button. Now, start the download and wait until it’s done.
  • When Batman: Arkham Knight is done downloading, right-click file and click “Extract to Batman – Arkham Knight V1.6.2 + All DLC’” You’ll need 7-Zip, which you can get here to do this.
  • Double-click inside the Batman: Arkham Knight folder and run the exe file.
  • Enjoy yourself and play! Make sure to run the game as an administrator, and if you get any missing dll problems, look for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install all the apps in it.

Batman: Arkham Knight Free Download (Incl. ALL DLC's)

Q: What are some common technical issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC?

Some common technical issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC include:

  • Low frame rates
  • Stuttering
  • Crashing
  • Black screen issues
  • Problems with the game’s launcher

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: How do I fix these computer problems?

There are a few things you can try if Batman: Arkham Knight on PC has technical problems:

  • Make sure your computer can run the game at least as well as it needs to.
  • Update the drivers for your graphics card to the most recent version.
  • Instead of running the game in fullscreen mode, try running it in a window with no borders.
  • Turn off any firewall or protection software you have running.
  • Use Steam to check that the game’s files are correct.
  • Put the game back on.

If you’re still having trouble, you can look online for answers to your problem.

Q: What are some tips for making Batman: Arkham Knight on PC run better?

Here are some tips for making Batman: Arkham Knight on PC run better:

  • Turn down the game’s colors.
  • Turn off any open apps that you don’t need.
  • Use a tool to speed up your game.
  • If you know how to do it safely, speed up your CPU and GPU.

Q: Can I use mods on the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight?

Yes, Batman: Arkham Knight on PC can use mods. You can find mods online that can change the game’s images, how it’s played, and more.

Q: A certain part of the game is giving me trouble. Could you give me a hand?

Sure. Please tell me what part of the game is giving you trouble, and I’ll try to help you.


Ultimately, other shocks kept me interested in the story’s twists and turns. Plus, many strong acts gave it character! For example, John Noble’s flat voice makes this version of the Scarecrow the creepiest. However, Mark Hamill is back for a few great scenes. The Joker’s lines and reenactments of some of the most famous comic scenes are darkly funny after his death. So, Kevin Conroy is the best choice to play Batman Arkham Knight Download.